Publication Upcoming

It has been a long, strange journey of eight years researching, soul searching, writing, and editing, but Lives of Passion, School of Hope has found a publisher and should be hitting the shelves in September of this year!

A book tour is also planned.  Stay tuned as the process goes forward, and let me know if I am stopping near you.  I’d love to see as many Open School alumni as I can, and, of course, meet passionate educators, policymakers, and friends of learning as I go.



  Roy Smalley wrote @

story has it that a guy with your name used to play baseball in the midwest. i even heard the guy said he was better than me. even zorro versailles laughed when he heard that. too bad you’re over the hill or we could see about this on a diamond. i do think
the work you’re doing is great. probably a whole lot better than if you’d played baseball professionally.
keep your head down, and keep on it.

  Chico Carasqual wrote @

You do nice work for the boys and girls eh? So did I till I became a professional athlete. I’m a bit on in years now, and a bit far away from it all, but not so far that i can’t spot a fine guy in any language. Way to go Mr. Posner. Best wishes to you in the future.

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