Rick’s Résumé

Dr. Fredric G. Posner, Ph.D.
32450 Manitoba Drive
Evergreen, Colorado 80439


I worked as the Assistant Editor for Changing Schools Journal, at the time the oldest alternative schooling journal in the country. I wrote several articles for Changing Schools on alternative schooling and educational reform. In 1992, I interviewed Herbert Kohl for an article about school reform. I also wrote an editorial piece about privatization and its effects on public schooling and several articles about special education and its relationship to alternative schooling. In 1971, I wrote a book of poetry entitled Light Shadows . My Doctoral Dissertation was on Self-directed Learning in Open High Schools, (1989).

I have had extensive experience with alternative education. I was a presenter at the International Alternative Schools Conference in Boulder, Colorado. I also was the Dean of Secondary Students at the Jefferson County Open School. I taught various subjects in Jefferson County Public Schools for thirty years. Nineteen of those years were spent at public alternative schools

I have traveled all over the world with students and I have taught everything from History of Film Noir and Ethnic Cooking to James Joyce, Homer and How to Run A Marathon. I am a committed lifelong learner and I will always be involved in promoting democratic open schools that put children and their needs first and foremost.

I am currently on the Board of Directors at The Center For Discovery Learning, an alternative charter school in Lakewood, Colorado.

I have also been an Affiliate Professor at Regis University in Denver in the Graduate Program of Education since 1992.


Posner, F.G. (1971). Light Shadows: A book of poetry. Miami: National

Posner, F.G. (1989). A Study of Self-Directed Learning, Perceived
Competence, and Personal Orientation Among Students in an Open
Alternative High School. (Doctoral Dissertation, University of
Denver,1989) Dissertation Abstracts International, 51, 03-A.

Posner, F.G. (1991). Self-directed learning: the missing ingredient for
school reform. Changing Schools, 19(1). 1-4.

Posner, F.G. (1992). How to avoid the dangers of privatization:
The last choice for public education. Changing Schools, 20
(3), 4-5.

Posner, F.G. (1992). The hard road to social justice: An interview with
Herbert Kohl. Changing Schools, 20 (3), 8-9.

Posner, F.G. (1994). A very special education for everyone: open schools
and special education. Changing Schools, 22 (3), 4-6.


B.A. degree, University of Wisconsin, 1971

M.A. in Education, University of Denver, 1975

Ph.D. in Education, University of Denver, 1989


Special Education teacher and administrator for Jefferson County Public Schools 1972-2001
O’Connell Junior High School
Evergreen High School
Ken Karyl Middle School.
Jefferson County Open School

Nineteen years in alternative open education.

1990-1995 Assistant Editor for Changing Schools Journal, at the time the oldest alternative schools publication available.

1999-2001- Dean of Secondary Students at Jefferson County Open School.

1992-present Affiliate Professor at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. I have taught all the core classes for the graduate program in education

2002-present -Director on the Board for the Center of Discovery Learning, Lakewood, Colorado.

2004-present- Affiliate faculty at Prescott College for the Masters in Education prgram, Prescott, Arizona.


Dr. Maurice Gibbons ( Professor and author at Simon Frasor University in British Colombia) 604-913-9215

David Hazen (principal at the Center for Discovery Learning-303-985-7092

Dr. Elinor Katz (University of Denver ) –303-871-4398

Dr. Kathleen Kesson (Goddard College and University of Vermont, John Dewey Project)-802-223-1506

Arnold Langberg (open educator and teacher at University of Colorado at Denver ).-303-674-0639

Dr. Joel Livingston (retired principal and professor at Colorado State University ) –303-985-0709

Richard Lopez (Jefferson County Schools administrator)-303-238-3434

Dr. Ken Seeley (Colorado Trust)-303-837-1200

Dr. Gary Upton (Regis University) –303-458-4303

Bonnie Walters (former principal Jefferson County Open School )-303-982-7049


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  Lake Boggan wrote @

Hi Rick:

Thanks for calling on me today. I look forward to a continued discussion about your book.
There is so much here to work with.

Please get in touch with me when you return from your trip.


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