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Here are some of the quotes about Lives of Passion, School of Hope:

For everyone suffocating in the shroud of institutional schooling this wonderful book is a breath of fresh air. It will inspire you with courage. Read it for all our sakes.

— John Gatto

This is a lovely piece of work and a great story. Rick has a sweet way of threading a ton of student voices together into a readable and compelling narrative. The hope and love in this book are impossible to miss.

— Matt Hern

What an amazing and important achievement this marvelous book by Rick Posner is, documenting the successes and solid lives of graduates from Jefferson County Open School, a lighthouse in the dark of current public education. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if groups teachers all over the continent were so inspired by the testimony of these students that they set up their own schools to trust, challenge and inspire?

— Maurice Gibbons. Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University. Author of Walkabout: Searching for the Right Passage from Childhood and School.

This book reaffirms one’s faith in the power of public education and illustrates how the creative spirit of educators and the intelligence, passion, and engagement of students can lead to learning on the highest level.

— Herbert Kohl

Lives of Passion, School of Hope proves that a public alternative school can provide self-directed, experiential learning for its students instead of teaching to the test. It also shows there are many different paths to becoming a successful adult than simply being an “A” student in a conventional school.

— Patrick Farenga, co-author of Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling

What could be more critical in today’s world educationally than ‘igniting a lifelong love of learning’? In this inspiring volume, Rick Posner–and, more importantly, the Open School and its graduates–light the way to this goal.

— Dr. Tom Griggs, Associate Professor, School of Teacher Education, University of Northern Colorado

The importance and impact of progressive education has been advanced greatly with the publication of this book. Rick Posner’s institutional history-group biography shows that a school based upon curiosity and thoughtfulness leads to wonderful results. As the students and faculty of Jefferson County Open School know and as readers will learn, progressive education is alive and well.

— Craig Kridel, E. S. Gambrell Professor of Education, University of South Carolina

Lots of teachers would like to create an Open School.  How to accomplish that goal already exists in several books about this remarkable public school.  But it takes more than know-how to adopt a wholly different way to raise kids.  Will it really work?  Will they get into good schools?  Or will we just mess them up?  Do we have the courage to abandon the tried and true?  You might just find that courage in these inspiring pages.  The proof is in the pudding and Rick Posner provides us with lots of pudding.

— Tom Gregory, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University and author of Making High School Work: Lessons from the Open School

The Open School demonstrates that genuine education–one that values the lives of young people above arbitrary standards–is possible in public schools. Rick Posner has gatheredthe inspiring stories of dozens of alumni whose meaningful and successful adult lives testify to the transformational potential of authentic learning. This wonderful book shows us what all schools could and should be doing.

Ron Miller, Ph.D., Editor, Education Revolution magazine

Lives of Passion, School of Hope is a refreshing antidote to the arid and pinched view of education and school reform suffocating and strangling any clear thinking in the public square today. Rick Posner offers us an expansive vision of human possibilities, and reminds us that the deepest purposes of schooling in (and for) a vibrant democracy must always point toward the development of initiative, imagination, passion and compassion, creativity and courage. In this essential and urgent book Posner illuminates the vital work of a single school, and maps a way out of the mess we’re in.

— William Ayers

These are the stories that need to reach the public’s ear, and help us remember where it is we are trying to go–and why!   Such alternative schools haven’t disappeared, but their stories too often have, They must become the pilots for the future — schools to argue about and be learned from.  A refreshingly clear account of what schools can mean to young people’s real-life futures.

— Deborah Meier, author of The Power of Their Ideas, 45 years spent teachng and leading public schools like Jefferson Open.


Pre-Order Lives of Passion, School of Hope

Cover for Lives of Passion, School of Hope

Cover for Lives of Passion, School of Hope

Hi everyone! I am excited to inform you that you can now pre-order my book, Lives of Passion, School of Hope directly from the publisher at http://www.sentientpublications.com/catalog/lives_of_passion.php (with no shipping and handling fees).

Pre-ordering is also available at Barnes and Noble at http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Lives-of-Passion-School-of-Hope/Rick-Posner/e/9781591810841/?itm=1

and Amazon at

http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_ys?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks%3Arelevance-above&field-keywords=rick+posner&x=0&y=0 .

Book Update

Update: The exciting news is that the galleys for Lives of Passion, School of Hope are coming out in May. The book about the Open School alumni will be published in September by Sentient Publications at http://www.sentientpublications.com/. Our day for a truly progressive public school education is coming soon!

Now on Facebook!!

Rick Posner is now on Facebook. Friend him today, and please join the fan page and group for Lives of Passion, School of Hope.

Publication Upcoming

It has been a long, strange journey of eight years researching, soul searching, writing, and editing, but Lives of Passion, School of Hope has found a publisher and should be hitting the shelves in September of this year!

A book tour is also planned.  Stay tuned as the process goes forward, and let me know if I am stopping near you.  I’d love to see as many Open School alumni as I can, and, of course, meet passionate educators, policymakers, and friends of learning as I go.